Adventure Series Pack

Adventure Series Pack


As long as you are outside exploring these sticker designs were meant for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re into climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, mountain biking or trail running. Side note, even if you don’t like all those things, you can still snag these glorious goodies and pretend you do (we wont tell anyone).

This entire sticker pack was designed with pure adrenaline by Nick Slater as he was slacklining across the Grand Canyon. So you better appreciate them! First released in July of 2016.

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This Pack’s Featured Artist:


Stickers Included: 

7 Stickers + 1 Bonus Sticker

Sticker Material:

Durable, Long lasting, Premium Vinyl with UV laminate protecting from scratching, water, and sunlight.

Shipping & Packaging:

Shipping World-Wide (No Tracking Available) International shipments take between 1-4 weeks to reach it’s final destination.

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