We decided that having awesome stickers every month wouldn't really satisfy your sticker needs. That's why we created a mobile app so you can express yourself using our stickers when texting with friends and family...or that annoying neighbor -- Damn you Steve!

(If your name is Steve, we apologize and actually do love you. Beers on us next time we hang!)



 Introducing the Slaptastick
Mobile App

The Slaptastick team went to the future and discovered stickers would one day evolve from the physical form into digital. We came back to the present with the realization that we only satisfied your love for stickers in the physical world so naturally we put our thinking caps on and went to work crafting our first Sticker App for our Slaptastick family. And that's just what we did!


“Mentally challenging and hugely engaging, Slaptastick’s iMessage Sticker App will definitely interest fans from all over the globe!”

- Sarah McLachlan #FakeReview


Ok. Ok. Ok. It’s a fake review and Sarah McLachlan never whispered those sweet words about us, but sometimes dreams do come true because we heard all you fans demanding this app.