Got a sticker fix? We can fix that! Patience isn’t your strong suit and waiting for a new sticker pack each month sounds like a slow death which is why we created the Slaptastick Sticker Essentials Kit just for you!



 Sticker Essentials Kit

Enjoyment overload doesn't scare you and we dig that about you! There's no denying that every item below is delightful on it's own, but you know a party doesn't start until the whole crew arrives.


Take A Peek Inside

  • The Sticker Essentials Kit includes 12 previous limited edition sticker packs.

  • Each sticker pack has between 7-10 limited edition stickers. That’s over 100+ stickers all at once!

  • 1 surprising (non-sticker related) limited edition item.

  • Custom Note from the Slaptastick team member who prepared/ shipped your sticker pack.