We offer two types of monthly subscriptions. A sticker subscription and our new pin subscription (launching this December). Depending on the subscription service chosen, we ship limited sticker packs or pins every month to your mailbox.



Customize Your Subscription

Subscribe to Slap! today and join the Slaptastick family or if you’re not sold yet, try us out and receive 50% off your first month with Promo Code TRYITONUS. Just select one or both of our m-2-m subscription options below and apply the promo code during checkout.




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The Visitor

This month-2-month subscription is for the stalkers. Don't know if you're ready to commit to an ongoing subscription? Receive one month of Slaptastick stickers without the worry of a commitment. We’ve partnered with Die Cut Stickers, the internet giant of custom sticker printing in Seattle, WA #UpperLeftUSA. Go on and click the orange button below. You know you want to!



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The Supporter

After receiving request after request, the wait is over — Introducing the new month-2-month Slap! Pin Subscription. We’ve priced it at the lowest possible price which allows us to keep the lights on; which means you are a true supporter. Buckle up and prepare for an epic journey as we send you an amazing limited enamel pin every month thanks to our partners at Reppin Pins in Chicago, IL.