We are a monthly sticker subscription service that ships limited edition sticker packs each month to your mailbox.



Customize Your Sticker Subscription

Subscribe to Slaptastick today and join the Slaptastick family or if you’re not sold yet, try it out on us with a discounted one-time only purchase.


The Visitor

This month-2-month subscription is for the stalkers. Don't know if you're ready to commit to an ongoing subscription? Receive one month of Slaptastick stickers without the worry of a commitment.

The Supporter

This 6-month subscription allows us to keep the lights on; which means you are a true supporter. Buckle up and prepare for an epic journey as we send you amazing stickers every month.


The Legend

That’s right! You are a rockstar and know it. This yearly subscription guarantees yourself 12 months of fun with the ability to be slappin’ stickers on a monthly basis. Sending you the most epic digital high-five ever seen for finding a way to avoid FOMO!

The Collector

Some people collect stamps and others collect coins, but you on the other hand collect limited edition stickers and we salute you for that! This yearly subscription includes 6 additional sticker packs sprinkled throughout your 12-month subscription.



Not Ready to Commit Yet?

First date jitters? It’s ok to be nervous if aren’t sure you want to subscribe yet. To ease any doubts you may have in joining the Slaptastick family, we launched a new feature called “Try It On Us.” This allows you to try us out for a discounted rate of $10 without any commitments for 1-month.