The Supporter

The Supporter

6.00 every month

This month-2-month pin subscription allows us to keep the lights on; which means you are a true supporter. Buckle up and prepare for an epic journey as we send you an amazing enamel pin every month. For only $6/month, you’ll be skipping with joy as you pin your favorite items. This subscription auto-renews every month.

* NOTE: This new subscription product launches December 2019 and will start shipping the December 2nd, 2019. For all orders placed during the month of October and November, you’ll receive (3) pins on their first shipment in December.


Slap! Pin Subscription


How Many Pins Are Included Each Month?

  • 1 Pin + 1 Bonus Sticker

When Are The Pins Shipped Out?

  • Orders start shipping out the 1st of the Month and go all the way till the end of that given month. (ex: July 1st, 2019 - July 31st, 2019)

What Is The Pin Material?

  • Made out of premium base metal, so they’re not bendable or plastic. Expect to see various styles like soft and hard enamel, antique, and polished, etc.

Shipping & Packaging:

  • World-Wide Shipping with tracking. International shipments take between 2-4 weeks to reach its final destination and come with tracking.


The pins shown are from previous months and are not the pins being sent out. Snag previous pin till they are sold out from our Pin Vault.