The Collector

The Collector

27.00 every month

Some people collect stamps and others collect coins, but you on the other hand collect limited edition stickers and we salute you for that! This yearly subscription includes 6 additional sticker packs sprinkled throughout your 12-month subscription. For only $27/month ($18/per pack), you’ll be the Scrooge McDuck of limited edition stickers! This subscription auto renews every 12-months.


12-Month Subscription w/6 Bonus Sticker Packs


How Many Stickers Are In Each Pack?

  • 7 - 10 Stickers Per Pack + 1 Bonus Sticker

When Are The Sticker Packs Shipped Out?

  • Orders start shipping out the 1st of the Month and go all the way till the end of that given month. (ex: July 1st, 2019 - July 31st, 2019)

  • The additional 6 sticker packs are shipped throughout your 12-month subscription.

  • You’ll receive 18 sticker packs total within your 12-month subscription.

  • This is a 12-month subscription which is billed every month and auto renews.

What Is The Sticker Material?

  • Durable, Long lasting, Premium Vinyl with UV laminate protecting from scratching, water, and sunlight.

Shipping & Packaging:

  • World-Wide Shipping (No Tracking Available) International shipments take between 1-4 weeks to reach it’s final destination.


The sticker packs shown are from previous months and are not the sticker packs being sent out. Snag previous sticker packs till they gone in our Sticker Vault.