M-2-M Membership for Previous Subscribers + Slap! Circle of Trust

M-2-M Membership for Previous Subscribers + Slap! Circle of Trust

10.00 every month

That’s right! You are a rockstar and know it. This monthly subscription guarantees yourself the joy of slappin’ stickers on a monthly basis. Sending you the most epic digital high-five ever seen for finding a way to avoid FOMO! You’ll be jumping with joy as you slap stickers! This subscription auto renews every month for true flexibility.


Meet the Faces Behind Slap!

Ky & Dad.png

How Many Stickers Are In Each Pack?

  • 7 - 10 Stickers Per Pack + 1 Bonus Sticker

When Are The Sticker Packs Shipped Out?

  • Shipped within a few days of your order being placed.

  • This is a month-2-month subscription and auto renews every month. You are charged on the same day each monthly.

What Is The Sticker Material?

  • Durable, Long lasting, Premium Vinyl with UV laminate protecting from scratching, water, and sunlight.

Shipping & Packaging:

  • World-Wide Shipping (No Tracking Available on Domestic Orders). International shipments can take between 1-3 weeks to reach its final destination and includes tracking.


The sticker pack shown is a previous sticker pack and you’ll be getting a new sticker pack each month along with some additional non-sticker related goodies.