What Can You Expect Each Month?

Every month Slaptastick ships out to all of our amazing members, like you, limited edition sticker packs. Each sticker pack comes with 6 limited edition stickers, featuring original artwork from our all-star roster of illustrators and hand-lettering designers.



Option No. 1

One Time Purchase 

Don't know if you're ready to commit to an on going subscription? Receive one month of Slaptastick stickers with out the worry of a recurring payment. Perfect for a gift for a loved one or co-worker.

Cost: $15


Option No. 2

Monthly Subscription

Sign up for this option so you won't miss out on all of the amazing sticker packs to come. Receive Slaptastick stickers each and every month, keep them all for yourself or share them with your friends and family. 

Cost: $12/ Mo


Option No. 3

Yearly Subscription

Want to guarantee you receive stickers year round? Receive Slaptastick stickers non-stop for one amazing year! After that the subscription will automatically renew if you'd like it to.

Cost: $100/yr



The stickers you see above are all from previous months are not apart of any of the options listed above. You can find some of the previous months of stickers in our online store.