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Meet the Slaptastick Family!


Meet Kylee & Wesley Rankin

One day my daughter asked me about what I did for a living? Because I work from home it’s really hard for her to understand how I make money. At first I tried explaining to her what an entrepreneur was, but the glossed over look on her face made me backtrack. I decided the only way to help her understand what I did was to encourage her to come up with an idea for a business she’d like to start (keep in mind she’s only 6 years old).

So, she made a list of the businesses she wanted to start. We went through that list together and choose the one that stood out. That business was, you guessed it, a sticker making business. Kids love stickers, so it made sense to see a business for making stickers on her list. 

After doing some research online I discovered an artist named Rocky Roark, founder of Slaptastick. I reached out and told him about our interest in his business. I told him about my daughter’s vision for creating a sticker company and using that company to help other kids at schools have art supplies and programs so they can be creative just like her. After sharing Kylee’s story with him, he was inspired by the idea of having his company be an instrument that could help a little girl to not only become a business owner, but a philanthropist. So we absorbed Rocky’s company and now well on our way to re-launching a sticker company out to inspire the artist of the future. All thanks to my daughter’s question about what I do for a living. How’s that for an about us story?!



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