Learn More About Our Beginnings

Hello! My name is Rocky Roark, and I am the founder of Slap! Stickers. It all started when I was a branding designer at Focus Lab in 2013. The original idea was born as an online storefront where I could create sticker designs and we could sell them to generate passive income. Eventually though, the idea was tabled and when I left Focus Lab in 2014, the idea left with me.

Slap! Stickers remained dormant until I attended my third year at Creative South in 2015. I was so inspired by everyone there, the speakers and most importantly my friends at Inch X Inch. It was on the flight back home to San Diego that the idea hit me to convert Slap! Stickers not just into a storefront, but into a subscription service.

The next 6 months was filled with hundreds of hours of hard work planning and developing a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $7,000 in initial funding. Lets just say that I didn't get a whole lot of sleep during those months.


My Goals for Slap! Stickers

People always ask me what my goals are for Slap! Stickers, "What if it takes off?!" they say. Since it was reborn I have always had the same set of longterm goals.

The first goal has always been to give back to my mom. Growing up in a single parent household, my mom has worked non-stop. I want to give back to her. I hope to one day, Slap! Stickers will make enough money for me to go to my mom and tell her it is time for her retire(something that would have been impossible for her to do).

My second goal goes beyond helping out my immediate family, but instead my design family. I always love giving back to others and to this amazing community that we have. In the future, we will be sponsoring events, conferences and more importantly individuals. I want to be able to invest in others and help our friends in their time of need.




Want to Become a Member?

Are you ready for your first month of stickers? We offer a couple of different options for our members and don't worry, each plan includes free shipping across the globe!


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Definitely want to give a big shout out to Nick Slater for his help with the amazing Slap! Stickers lettering!