What is Slaptastick?

Slaptastick is a monthly sticker subscription service bringing beautiful and eye catching stickers to our amazing members each and every month. If you'd like to learn more about the history of Slaptastick, please feel free to do so below.


When Did We Start Slaptastick?

What we know as Slaptastick today, began in 2015 when Rocky Roark came back from Creative South '15 inspired and wanting to create something new. He came home with a bag full of stickers and decided that he'd create a monthly sticker subscription service, originally called "Slap! Stickers". Our first month of stickers shipped out the following January in 2016.



How Did Slaptastick Get
It's Start?

Slaptastick got its start through it's amazing backers on Kickstarter. We were able to raise just over $7,000 which helped us get a jumpstart on our amazing sticker adventure. From there we have shipped over 150 different stickers to every continent on Earth, except Antartica.




Who Started Slaptastick?

Slaptastick was created by illustrator and designer,
Rocky Roark. He has always had a love of stickers and creating great sticker designs so he wanted to put create his own stickers and have his creative friends create their own as well to share with the whole world.


We Work With Amazing Artists

Over the last 2+ years that we've been producing stickers, we've worked with some spectacular creative people. We would not be able to bring stickers to your mailbox every month without all of these amazing people!



Want to Learn How to Get
Your Stickers?

Click the button below to check out the three options you have to choose from to get your own sticker packs each and every month, directly to your mailbox no matter where you live around the world.